Kim Parker
CEO / Principal Consultant
Kim is ArtItian's Principal Consultant. He has extensive experience in Enterprise, Business, Domain and Solutions architecture development. Kim has applied Business Process Management frameworks and has expertise in:
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Consulting
  • Strategy development
  • Project, Technical and Line Management.
Kim has worked within Airline, Automotive, Banking, Communications, Education, Financial Services, Gaming, Government, Insurance, Law Enforcement, Logistics, Media, Mining, Retail, Spatial Systems and Travel sectors Key domains he has operated within include Billing Systems, Mobile payments, Banking Services, Application Integration, Identity Services, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Management Information Systems, Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Strategic architecture and process development, including the formulation of operating principals, has been a core focus throughout his career. He has consistently provided consultancy and counsel up to CxO and GM levels and understands the pathway to becoming a trusted adviser.

Key Capabilities
  • Business and IT strategy
  • Strategic Architecture roadmap development
  • Business/Enterprise Architecture
  • Collaborative leadership style
  • Business Process Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Management
  • Analysis
  • Solution architecture development
  • Application development methods / practices including Agile and RUP
Experienced in the use of Architectural Toolsets including System Architect, ARIS/BPA Suite, iServer and Enterprise Architect.
Peter Tseglakof
Senior Consultant
Peter brings a history of Strategic and Tactical engagement success with local and multinational businesses and state and federal government clientele.

As a senior project manager he has delivered digital, cloud and infrastructure projects with agile, waterfall and mostly hybrid approaches based on certifications AND experience.

Outcome focused, he has influencing and communications skills that assist clients move beyond marketing hype into an end state plan for delivery.

Not a yes man, bad news is presented with options for the way forward.

Yes he has delivered cost reduction initiatives but MOST enjoyed his work focusing on new ways of doing things to being about profitable expansion.

He has team building and recovery skills that have underpinned REPEAT business from clients and with the ebiz team can assist your organisation be underway with post it notes and an afternoon.

Tom Graves
Principal Consultant (UK)
Tom describes himself as 'Enterprise architect, business-anarchist, confusionist', and that's probably an accurate-enough summary. (Consultant? Insultant? Exultant, perhaps? Description: :-))

Now in his early sixties, he has perhaps too-literally 'careered' around the globe, living in many different countries and working in many different industries. At present he is based in Britain, but that could change at any moment: He goes where he's needed, and where the interest is, really.

Tom says he is an author of sorts, with twenty or so books behind him, in around a dozen languages, over the past thirty years, and an eclectic range of interests.

His professional field is mainly in what's known as 'enterprise architecture', but with an emphasis on strategy and futures, on complexity and sense-making, on relationships between organisation, extended-enterprise and market, and on integrating IT with the rest of the business.